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Marnita "Nita J" Wiggins

Founder | CEO | Lead Artist Manager


Marnita Wiggins, also known by her peers as Nita J, has unapolgetically created her own lane by realizing her talents and passions and knowing that she was meant to live the life that she was truly called to live. With her evolving skills and knowledge of marketing, branding and social media, she has been able to create multiple thriving businesses from the ground up. She has also made it her mission to help others to grow and succeed. She loves helping others to realize that following a self-created path is absolutely possible and lucrative.

Throughout her career she has become an award-nominated and published makeup artist; working with huge names such as VH1, Ford Models, Vogue Italia, MAC Cosmetics, Smashbox, Jive Records, and Urban Decay - just to name a few. She is also an internationally sought after business, sales, brand and marketing strategist, lifestyle blogger and speaker. She has been trained by world-renowned coaches such as Eric Thomas. and Darren Hardy.

She now owns Motif The Agency - a business consulting and digital marketing agency specializing in business development, brand awareness, social media growth, and strategy. Motif helps entrepreneurs to level up in their businesses and brands. and prides themselves in assisting entrepreneurs with aligning their vision, purpose, and passion with their business, marketing efforts and their brand while expanding their empire.  Learn more here.
After finding success with Motif The Agency, and missing working in the beauty and fashion industry as a makeup artist, Nita J decided to launch Motif Artists - a creative management agency that supports and develops artists in the industry while helping to connect their talents with the world. She uses her marketing and industry knowledge to assist makeup artists, hair stylists, wardrobe stylists, nail artists, and photographers in finding more opportunities within the beauty and fashion industries.

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